We’re working to encourage consumers to shop at locally-owned businesses, keep money in their communities, and contribute to a sustainable economy.

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Eat your view


“There’s a wonderful bumper sticker in Europe called ‘Eat your view.’ The premise is, if you don’t support these agricultural landscapes around you, they will be sprawled. They will be covered with houses and highways and shopping malls. And the way to keep them open is to eat from the farms that constitute that view.” -Michael Pollan

Local & loving it


“We’ve developed a culture based on buying things at the lowest possible price, shipping them all over the world. That culture’s not sustainable. We can’t just buy our way out of practicing community. This country was founded on community – people connecting with each other.”

9 Businesses


A local business is the heart of a community, a place that helps create relationships between residents and lets them directly impact a city’s economy. In Detroit, small businesses are rapidly taking root in neighborhoods all over the city. From coffee shops and galleries, to bakeries and custom sneaker designers, 4exit4 highlights nine businesses that are changing the conversation of the community.