Hi! We’re Loyal to Local. We’re a small start-up based in Buffalo, NY, and we’re developing a new way to help local small businesses develop mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, reward loyalty, and create the best shopping experience possible.

Our goal is to rebuild communities through economic growth, by providing small, independent businesses with the tools they need to compete with larger corporations. In doing so, we strive to make it easier, and preferable, for customers to shop at locally owned businesses, thus increasing the amount of dollars spent in the community and allowing small businesses to thrive.

When more dollars are spent in a local community, that money returns to the community at a far greater rate than dollars spent elsewhere – and helps foster job growth, innovation, and local investment, while reducing fuel emissions that result from driving to stores outside of the community and shipping from non-local businesses. Local businesses are more likely than large corporations to purchase local products, resulting in reduced environmental impact and contributing to a sustainable economy.

At Loyal to Local, sustainability and social justice are at the heart of our mission. We live and work by the same values that help all communities thrive – we choose local and sustainable suppliers whenever possible, we hire local people, and we constantly seek to minimize our environmental impact. We encourage consumers to reexamine where they buy goods and services, and to understand the impact their choices have on both the economy and environment. As entrepreneurs, we aspire to help others who have built their small businesses sustainably and contribute to the overall health and happiness of their local communities.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at hi@loyaltolocal.com.